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“Within 90 days of launch we uncovered $14,000 in internal shrink. This would not have been possible without the automated loss prevention.”

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“Of all the platforms we tested - Smart Retail out performed all. Add to that they are the best priced option - it's a no brainer. A+”

Justin R.

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Ad Metrics / Dwell Analysis

Advertisement performance metrics and dwell time analytics focus on customer interactions with products and promotions.

Camera Recognition

With the precision of Smart Retail's face recognition - be alerted to known shoplifters or VIPs as they enter a retail location with Smart Alerts.

Customer Count

Counting is the foundation of analytics. Knowing how many customers enter in and out of stores is valuable information and can be used to put other measures, such as gross sales, into persecptive.

Customer Metrics

Customer Metrics captures what credit and membership card swipes miss; all the customers that did not purchase anything and more quantifed, qualitative data on those that did.

Store Conversion

Store Conversion gives context to sales numbers. Smart Retail's store conversion product can accurately keep track of those that enter and purcahse and those who do not.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor secure areas of your back office or warehouse with unauthorized entry detection or loitering. Be alerted to any intruders or unauthorized parties in areas that are restricted or secure.

Traffic Map

Traffic Map clearly defines how consumers move about the premises. The system tracks where people are spending time and with which products or services they come in contact.

Queue Manager

Manager your retail floor with in-depth analytics that monitor POS stations and other areas. This data can trigger alerts and notify internal teams of longer than usual wait times to allow better service of your customers and reduce unncessary lines.

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